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Why Our Wellness Challenge is for you?

We bring MEN together to embrace a healthy lifestyle, those willing to commit to exercise and proper nutrition, and support each other's goals while cultivating a thriving wellness community.

What to Expect:

Accountability, Support, & Coaching...

🔥 90-Day Wellness Challenge to push yourself mentally & physically

💻 Weekly Team Coaching Calls to get support on your biggest challenges

🥗 Custom Meal Plan & Nutrition Guidance to take the guesswork out of it

🏋️ Custom Exercise Plan based on your level of experience & access to equipment

📱 24/7 Channel for QA, inspiration from other members, & accountability

💙 An Amazing Community of like-minded, purpose-driven men

🔥 Direct Access to Mark Samuel within the community (ask questions, get answers) 

Creating healthy habits, ones that turn into a lifestyle...

✅ 45 to 60 mins of daily exercise or movement 

✅ 45 second daily cold shower or 12 min per week of cold immersion (plunge)

✅ 5 mins of daily breathwork

❌ Limit alcohol or remove it all together 

❌ Limit social media

❌ No sugar/junk food

❌ No screens 30 mins upon waking AND before bed

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A note from Mark:

As someone who has dealt with depression and anxiety my entire adult life, I know how powerful exercise, nutrition and wellness are when it comes to my desire to feel my best every single day. 

For more than 20 years I have committed to a healthy lifestyle, by eating mostly whole foods throughout the day and working out 6+ days a week, while also layering in other important wellness disciplines - ones I plan to share with you. It's the cornerstone of my being. It's what sets the foundation for my day. 

It's what allows me to be my best self. It's what allows me to be a better dad. And it's what I want to teach others about. It's what I want others to integrate into their life in order to be their best self. 

Because once it's learned, it becomes a habit, and once it's a habit, it becomes a lifestyle. 

And when it becomes a lifestyle, your whole life changes for the better.

Now, let's get started!